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Synergy comes from the Greek word synergia, meaning joint work and cooperative action among two or more forces that creates an enhanced combined effect.

Synergy Equine Assisted Wellness Center presents a list of resources for those with a disability or resources for your child if they have special needs.



Government of Canada Disability resources including Canada Disability Savings Grant: up to $3500 per year, Canada Disability Savings Bond, Registered Disability Savings Plan. CLICK HERE

Government of Canada Disability Issues. CLICK HERE

Government of Nova Scotia Community Services Resources. CLICK HERE

The Nova Scotia Public Service Long Term Disability Plan Trust Fund. CLICK HERE

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Network. CLICK HERE



Nova Scotia Home Heating Rebate: CLICK HERE

Nova Scotia Family Pharmacare Program: 1-877-330-0323

NSCC Disability Services. College Aid. CLICK HERE

IWK Resources for all conditions. CLICK HERE

South West Health Resources. CLICK HERE

Autism Society of Canada-Nova Scotia. CLICK HERE

NSNET. Huge amount of Resources! CLICK HERE

 Synergy Equine Assisted Wellness Center OUTREACH PROGRAM for low income individuals.



Equine Assisted Wellness Sessions are beneficial for so many reasons. Interactions with horses can provide emotional and physical health benefits for a broad range of people, including developmentally delayed children, youth and adults, those with autism spectrum disorders, the elderly, children with ADHD and ADD, those with learning disabilities, the physically disabled, and individuals living with chronic pain, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. The movements associated with stroking, brushing, and walking equines are very beneficial for individuals with mobility, ambulatory and range of motion concerns.

Animal assisted visits can lower blood pressure and trigger the release of dopamine and serotonin in the brain, which can elevate mood. Animal assisted visits have also been documented to relieve pain and anxiety in many individuals. Animals respond to calm behaviour, thus rewarding calm behaviour in excitable and hyper sensitive children and youth. It also boosts self esteem in introverted children and youth. Animals communicate mainly non verbally, making them perfect for individuals who cannot speak and also those who live with autism spectrum disorders. They provide the tactile stimulation that these persons so dearly need in a safe and secure way, very different than when tactile stimulation is provided by another human. It is very non threatening with an animal.

Individuals, especially children, dealing with loss, tragedy, and trauma can also benefit from the animal visits. It allows them to start feeling emotions again towards a non threatening, living creature. Animals are non judgemental and live in the present moment. This facilitates emotional healing in individuals who are fearful of letting themselves feel emotions again and allows them to do so in a less vulnerable way.