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Synergy Equine Assisted Wellness Center is owned and operated by ML Doucet, along with the help from family and volunteers, daily operating and fundraising for the Community Outreach Program is accomplished.

She is bilingual and has a background in individualised, assistive, support work, employment support, literacy assistive support, occupational, vocational and residential service support and has over 29 years in childcare activity planning and implementation of developmentally appropriate practices and over 21 years in individualised, daily routines and learning strategies for unique children. She is also experienced in adult literacy and life skills facilitating for adults. Blending her love of horses and holistic living and support into one synergic experience, she hopes Synergy Equine Assisted Wellness Center will benefit a broad range of individuals.



 ~ Graduated from Residential & Vocational Support Services program from NSCCollege with HIGHEST HONOURS. Michelle also finished with the HIGHEST ACADEMIC STANDARD AWARD in her program, she has also won several other student success, academic awards while completing her training.

 ~ Certified as a tutor/instructor by the Nova Scotia Department of Education and has also worked professionally with/for the Conseil scolaire acadien provincial for many years. She is also an adult literacy assessor and instructor.

 ~ Certified NSEA-  Nova Scotia Employability Assessment Facilitator by the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services.

~ Certified as a clinical aroma therapist, focusing on chronic and arthritic pain relief and stress reduction.

 ~ Certification in Non Violent Crisis Intervention

 ~ Certification in ASIST- Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training

 ~ Diploma with HIGHEST HONOURS in Child Daycare Management from ICS

 ~ Certification in Saint John Ambulance First Aid/CPR

 ~ Certification in Food Safety Training Program by Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture & Fisheries

 ~ Certification in National Sanitation Training Program by Canadian Restaurant & Food Services Association

 ~ Certification in Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

 ~ Attended Fire and Life Safety by the Yarmouth Fire Department


 ~ Occupational Health & Safety course.

 ~ Criminal records checks and background checks are routinely done

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1. Synergy comes from the Greek word synergia, meaning joint work and cooperative action among two or more forces that creates an enhanced combined effect.